Innovative approaches to incomming challenges bring results that withstand the test of time. This is what we like.


Good communication and mutual understanding are the corner-stones of perfect solution. This is important.


Nothing hardens the relationship more than a mutual trust and a flavour for the cooperation. This is what we respect.


Not less and not more. Simply exactly what you need and what helps you the best. This is what we are looking for.


We do not do what we don't understand. But we are masters in what we do. Of course.
Rely on us. This is what you can do.

Year-lasting experience

We focus on creating various web or intranet solutions for years. Does not matter if it is a software, intranet portal, web or e-commerce.

Cloud based software

We properly analyse all requirements on systems that we are asked to create. Me always make our best to completely fit those requiremenets.

CRM and collaboration

We implement ADIOS Business Suite CRM and collaboration software and supply complete support and customisations.

Custom solutions

We master custom web-based software based on an ADIOS framework. We have created hundreds of such solutions and received many thanks from our customers.

We are EU based tech company with a focus on web-based solutions either on demand or in-house developed. We offer software development and maintenance services to wide range of customers from various areas of business, industry, health or services. We also sell and support our in-house developed solution for small and medium business and for law offices. We will be happy to discuss your ideas.