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WAI - Webdesign
Surely you have heard that the first impression of website is very important. If you grab visitors attention in first seconds, it is more likely that the product and service offer will reach them. We in WAI know that. For that reason we have team of top graphic designers, programmers and marketing experts.
WAI - Software
Looking for a way to make your internal processes more efficient? Do you want to reduce operating costs or do you have specific requirements? We are one of the best solution providers in Slovakia due to rich experience with programming intranet software applications, database systems, and web products.
WAI - App
Looking for a new way to conquer the market? Need to support your employees in the field? If you see the future in mobile apps, we'd be glad to support you.
WAI - Hardware
Explore how to optimize your business. Do you need to get current data from production processes? Do you need to measure and evaluate data from workplaces? We provide you everything you need to get and process data to optimize your business.

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Company management
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Specific custom software
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Data collecting and measurements
Internet of things
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Server solutions

Having all the important data in one place is the key to an effective business operation.
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What do you need to make right decisions?

Having the right information immediately and knowing how to respond quickly is crucial today. Do you spend too much time by creating different reports from your data?

We will create a customized tool that processes and visualizes your data so you can have all what you need in a few clicks.

Our software solutions are implemented in the web browser environment and are also available through the smartphones and other mobile devices, so you will be able to keep track of your data wherever you are.

We take care of

  • Data analysis
  • Initial data import
  • Inquiry consultation
  • Automated data imports
  • Solution design
  • Communication with other software
  • Data export / import
  • and other according to your needs...

Top clients

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Lifestyle social network.
Airline Software
Airline Software
Banner ad tracking software for airline software database portal.
Manufacturer springs mainly for the automotive industry.
Travel agency mediating stays in Slovakia.
Beluša Foods
Beluša Foods
Supplier of industrial margarines for bakers and confectioners on the Slovak and Czech markets

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